Misel Saban Unveils How the Adobe Photoshop Prank Caught People Off-Gaurd

 - Jul 10, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter Misel Saban discusses an Adobe Photoshop prank advertisement that caught many people off-guard while waiting casually for the bus.

Artist Erik Johansson sat in a nearby car snapping photos of people waiting for their ride. Quickly, he uploaded these to Adobe Photoshop, edited them in humorous ways, and displayed them on a computer screen previously installed on the bus stop walls. Many onlookers were quite confused and slightly unnerved as to why their photo appeared to be kissing the stranger sitting beside them.

Apart from discussing this hilarious Adobe Photoshop prank, Misel also dives into her time at Trend Hunter, and how the internship provides a perfect blend between writing and social media. She is currently attending York for professional writing and English.