- Jul 17, 2017
For all the time that people spend during winter daydreaming about the sylvan charms of summer, those same people tend to forget about the ravages of the warmest season, which is why there's a yearly scramble for summer tips to keep the heat at bay. From food to tech, brands and companies offer people clever and satisfying ways to escape the summer heat, even if only for a moment.

Part of the drag of summer temperatures is purely biological. Sweating isn't exactly pleasant when when all you're doing is walking around city streets, and sweat-marks on clothing are even worse. Fortunately, companies are tackling the unseemly problem with products like the Secret Inner Perspiration Armpit Shield from Japan Trend Shop and the G2 Turbo backpack ventilator.

A tastier option for keeping cool is to indulge in summer treats. B Sweet Dessert Bar's 'Halos' are donuts filled with ice cream, giving summer snackers the classic fried pastry with a chilly twist.

From Miniature Ice Cream Trucks to Electric Backpack Ventilators: