This Inflatable Lounger Inflates Without an Air Pump

 - Jun 3, 2017
References: girlonahike & liveinfinitely
Perfect for your next beach day or backyard barbecue, these outdoor inflatable couches are sure to be the ideal summer accessory. This inflatable lounger is just like an inflatable mattress, but in the shape of a canoe. Sitting at seven feet long, The Live Infinitely Inflatable Air Lounger is about a foot longer than other loungers, comfortably seating up to three people.

This lounger can be rolled up for easy storage and inflated in a few quick minutes. Its innovation truly lies in its inflation process, which centers around the use of tubes, and the wind. It comes complete with a pouch, so it can be shrunken down to a portable size when it's not in use. The lounger provides a comfortable place for you to sit down, regardless of where you are.