- Dec 23, 2017
Whether their drink of choice is a hoppy IPA or a chocolatey stout, these presents for beer lovers are sure to satisfy the aspiring homebrewer in your life.

For those who love to sample the latest brews, there are plenty of innovative new varieties to test out. Consider making a carefully curated sampler pack from options such as the Unibroue Éphémère Sureau wheat ale, the Firestone Walker Mocha Merlin Stout, or the Yeastie Boys Inari Biru Rice Beer.

For those who would rather experiment with making their own pints, there are plenty of presents for beer lovers that can aid in the homebrewing experience. Some innovative options include the Pico C craft beer brewing appliance and the countertop-friendly BrewArt BeerDroid.

From Personalized Homebrew Kits to Lager-Infused Sausages: