Wild Rose Brewery Makes Passion Fruit Beer with Salt and Coriander

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: canadify & wildrosebrewery
Ponderosa Gose (pronounced goh-ZUH) is one of the many interesting craft beer varieties created by the Wild Rose Brewery in Alberta, Canada, that takes the form of a passion fruit beer.

While tangy, tropical passion fruit can sometimes be found in beer products from different craft breweries, Wild Rose Brewery sets itself apart by combining it with salt and coriander. The result is a refreshing 3.5% alcohol wheat beer that is best described as "pale, tart and unfiltered."

Since the brew was developed in the dead of a cold winter in Alberta, it got its name from the Ponderosa pine, which Wild Rose Brewery calls "the closest thing Alberta has to a tropical palm tree."