The Vocation Dirty Pilsner Beer is Brewed in the UK with American Hops

 - May 16, 2017
References: vocationbrewery & uncrate
The craft beer market is continuing to expand as consumers seek out a more localized, artisanal approach to libations like the Vocation Dirty Pilsner Beer. Crafted in the UK using American hops for a distinct flavor profile, the beer has been left unfiltered with lots of hops in the mix in order to make it taste like a pilsner while also being somewhat like an IPA.

The Vocation Dirty Pilsner Beer has been balanced with malts and comes packaged in a deliberately rebel-inspired can that sees the brand's logo emblazoned on a white can that has been treated to some spray paint vandalism. What's created is a craft lager that's more like a rebellion against traditional beers thanks to the unfiltered nature.