Pry.Me Bottle Opener Can Hold 164,000 Times Its Own Weight

 - Aug 15, 2017
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The Pry.Me Bottle Opener solidifies the concept that good things come in small packages. This tiny creation can fit on a key chain, but is smaller than a penny.

It's always handy to have a bottle opener on your person, but the product's typically bulky design, makes it less than ideal. 'Pry.Me' serves as a solution to this as its the smallest, and strongest bottle opener on the market.

Despite its miniature size, this device is allegedly strong enough to hold tens of thousands of times its own weight. The key chain-compatible product is made from grade 5 titanium -- the exact material that's used in "industrial and aerospace applications." This bottle opener is so small it can be discreetly placed in a pocket or purse, providing users with an unobtrusive, readily available device.