From Luxury Fidget Spinners to Multi-Sided Focus Toys

 - Dec 10, 2017
This holiday season, fidget toy gifts are likely to be relatively popular considering the boom in popularity they saw this past year on the Internet. Whether used for their "meme status" or for their anti-distraction functions, these toys would make excellent humorous gifts this holiday season.

Some of the more over-the-top fidget toys that could be gifted include the Caviar Fidget Spinners, which range from $250 to $16,855 in cost and are made from materials like carbon fiber, gold, and/or diamonds.

For those looking for more practical and functional fidget toy gifts, the Tetrafidget is a small, multi-sided pyramid-shaped toy with a series of playful buttons, designed for the purpose of focusing people's attention on the work they're doing.