Clearly Cookies Bakery Offers a Functional, Edible Version of the Toy

 - May 26, 2017
References: facebook & dallas.eater
Fidget spinners remain the fad of the summer, and 'Clearly Cookies,' a bakery in Dallas, has found a way to capture some of the attention that the toys are garnering. A bakery might seem like it couldn't have much relation to the spinning toys, but Clearly Cookies prides itself on creative baked goods, and the local store has created a fidget spinner cookie that consumers can purchase alongside their plastic and metal counterparts.

The fidget spinner cookie is shaped like the toy, but shape alone wasn't enough for the bakers at Clearly Cookies. The cookie is actually a functional version of a fidget spinner, with the outer cookie spinning around a separate piece of cookie in the middle. It isn't quite as smooth of a spin as the real toys, but then again, the real toys aren't delicious.