The BlueSpin Turns Fidget Spinning Into a Connected, Competitive Game

 - Jun 28, 2017
References: indiegogo & theverge
What's truly impressive about the fidget spinner craze is that it has garnered such a massive following and yet it isn't gamified at all — however, the BlueSpin aims to add another degree of interest to the fad toy. The Bluetooth-connected fidget spinner can track various aspects of the toy, allowing friends to do tricks and compete against one another in online duels.

The BlueSpin fidget spinner is connected to a phone app that tracks things like spin speed, orientation, and contact surfaces. It then translates these behaviors into points, allowing gamers to gather points and show off how slick they are with a spinner. Further, the BlueSpin app has a game feature that lets friends compete against one another in various game formats. For the forgetful, the app can also serve as a GPS spinner-finder for misplaced toys.