The Sfoglini BxB Radiators Flavored Pasta is Nutty and Hearty

 - Mar 16, 2017
References: sfoglini & gearpatrol
Sfgolini is a Brooklyn-based pasta shop that is renowned for creating unexpected specialty pastas, so the Sfoglini BxB Radiators flavored pasta comes as an exceptional new offering. Created in collaboration with Bronx Brewery, the Sfoglini BxB Radiators pasta is crafted using organic semolina flour as well as grains that have been used to create an American Pale Ale. This infuses a rich, nutty flavor into the pasta that is ideal for use with heartier sauces that require something more substantial than the existing options out there.

The Sfoglini BxB Radiators flavored pasta is an awesome collaboration between two New York-based brands that offers an exceptional option for craft beer connoisseurs to enjoy. When prepared, it's likely that the pasta is best enjoyed with a pint of ale from Bronx Brewery to wash down the artisanal pasta creation.