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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,231 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 321,653 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Seasonal Trends

No matter what time of year it may be, Trend Hunter is always on the lookout for the hottest trends and events around the globe. Covering everything from local pop-up shops to live gaming experiences, Trend Hunter’s seasonal video category will have you craving to learn more about these innovative experiences.
play_circle_filled Gifts For Your Boyfriend
Gifts For Your Boyfriend
Editor Meghan Young Counts Down the Best Ideas for Boyfriend Gifts
With the holiday season well and truly here, you’re likely considering which presents to get your loved ones, including boyfriend gifts. Trend Hunter’s Meghan Young discusses her top... MORE
play_circle_filled Colorful Customized Holiday Decor
Colorful Customized Holiday Decor
Canadian Tire is Offering Inspirational Seasonal Decorations
Now that it’s November, a lot of folks are considering how they can really take their seasonal decorations to the next level this holiday season. Trend Hunter recently chatted with Canadian... MORE
40 Gifts for the Sensitive Male
40 Gifts for the Sensitive Male
The Upcoming Drake OVO Fest Has Men Feeling Some Type of Way
Tickets for the upcoming Drake OVO Fest are going on sale this Friday and it brings to mind a few things. One of these things is the heart pumping adrenaline rush of amazing live performances. The... MORE
Candy House Building Competitions
Candy House Building Competitions
Trend Hunter's Gingerbread House Competition Was a Success
Trend Hunter’s Gingerbread House competition was a real success! The Trend Hunters gathered together and assessed the delicious candy supplies. After being assigned their teams, the Hunters... MORE
Festive Workplace Cuisine Competitions
Festive Workplace Cuisine Competitions
Trend Hunter's Bake-Off Began with a Marshmallow Milkshake
The first episode of Trend Hunter’s Christmas No-Bake Bake-Off involved the creation of a toasted marshmallow milkshake. The series’ enthusiastic host and master chef Jaime Neely presented a... MORE
Culinary Beer Festivals
Culinary Beer Festivals
The Toronto Festival of Beer Featured Delicacies from All Over the City
This summer, Trend Hunter got to experience one of the best beer festivals the world has to offer: The Toronto Festival of Beer. Spanning three days, this quintessential Toronto festival showcased... MORE
play_circle_filled DIY Mother's Day Flowers
DIY Mother's Day Flowers
Jamie Munro Discusses Easy and Eye-Catching Maternal Flower Arrangements
Mother’s Day tends to be a holiday that some unfortunately forget, but as this list of creative and easy to make floral gift ideas demonstrates, DIY Mother’s Day flowers are sure to... MORE
play_circle_filled Terrifyingly Playful Pranks
Terrifyingly Playful Pranks
Courtney Scharf Offers Ideas for April Fools Pranks to Make You Jump
For anyone looking for inspiration to really mess with their friends on April 1st, look no further than these hilarious April Fools Pranks. Elevators can be a pretty scary place when the power goes... MORE
play_circle_filled Child-Focused Destinations
Child-Focused Destinations
Jaime Neely Dishes Out the Hottest March Break Destinations
March break vacations can take on various forms, so if you are a little behind on scheduling your destination (and are looking to try something new for your family), then these top spots are for you.... MORE
play_circle_filled Irish-Ready Brews
Irish-Ready Brews
Jamie Munro Dishes Her Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Beers
With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, TH Editor Jamie Munro helps viewers get in the holiday spirit with her five favorite St. Patrick’s Day beers. Normally, one expects an excessive... MORE
Mobile AI
Retailers are using AI to add unique features to their mobile retail apps
Trend - Retailers are launching mobile apps with AI-powered features designed to replace their existing apps. These apps offer recommendations, conversational support, image search, and features unique to certain retailers. These brands aim to improve customer retention while reducing ordering friction.

Insight - Partially onset by the pandemic, many consumers are now accustomed to shopping for nearly every type of product on a website or mobile app. However, the ease of these apps makes many consumers purchase products that are not optimal, leading to high return rates. To maintain the low-friction ordering system of mobile apps while aiming to reduce return rates, many retailers looking to AI to improve services. Brands that implement these AI updates can improve customer satisfaction and retention.
Workshop Question - How could your brand improve its customer satisfaction rates through AI features?
play_circle_filled Irish-Inspired Products
Irish-Inspired Products
Courtney Scharf Lists Her Top St. Patrick's Day Products
If you’re looking for a way to change things up this March 17th, then these St. Patrick’s Day products are just what you are looking for. Glow in the dark beer pong kits, skewered jello... MORE
play_circle_filled Barely Booze
Barely Booze
Armida Ascano Lists Her Top Five Yummy St. Patrick’s Day Treats
With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner and everyone scrambling to make new and exciting plans for the big day, Editor and Academy Strategist Armida Ascano lists her top five St. Patrick’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Oscar-Ready Edibles
Oscar-Ready Edibles
Courtney Scharf Takes a Bite Out of Oscar Party Food Ideas
If you’re struggling to get your Oscar party food ideas in store, you’ll find the best salty and sweet solutions here! Trend Hunter Courtney Scharf is just as excited about the Oscars... MORE
play_circle_filled Underwear as Outerwear
Underwear as Outerwear
Armida Ascano Unveils Audacious Valentine's Day Undergarments
Armida Ascano has a couple of ideas on how to spice up your February 14th attire with some Valentine’s Day lingerie. From curvy cotton corsets to lovely latex leggings, these top picks... MORE
play_circle_filled Irish-inspired Apparel
Irish-inspired Apparel
You'll be Green with Envy at This St. Patrick's Day Clothing
If you’re looking for luck, look no further than the St. Patrick’s Day clothing in your closet! Trend Hunter Jamie Munro shares her favorite St. Patrick’s Day clothing with... MORE
Split Personality Stars
Split Personality Stars
2013 SAG Award Nominees Show off a Different Side of Themselves
If you’re a huge film buff, then tune in to this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards (also known as the SAG Awards) on January 27, 2013, to check out this year’s SAG award nominees. This will... MORE
play_circle_filled Anti-Valentine’s Day Cards
Anti-Valentine’s Day Cards
Courtney Scharf Reveals Her Favorite Holiday-Hating Greeting Card
For the fools in love, there are loving Valentine’s Day Cards, but for the bitter singles, anti-Valentine’s Day cards provide much-welcomed relief from this romanticized holiday. During this... MORE
play_circle_filled Heart-Shaped Foods
Heart-Shaped Foods
Jaime Neely Shares Quirky Valentine’s Day Treats
This February, Valentine’s Day Treats in the shape of a heart are great gift ideas for those who want to spread a little romantic cheer. Lovers can delight on delicious heart-shaped cakes, JELL-O... MORE
play_circle_filled Handy Hair Tutorials
Handy Hair Tutorials
Courtney Scharf Reveals Angelic and Accessible Holiday Hairstyles
What better way to up your chic level during the holidays than with some quick and easy holiday hairstyles? Regardless of your age, hair length or personal style preference, there’s almost always... MORE
Trimming of the Trill Tree
Trimming of the Trill Tree
Learn About the Most Unique Personalized Holiday Ornaments
If you’re getting sick and tired of decking the halls and decorating the tree with the same old orbs, bells and candy canes year after year, why not try spicing things up with a few personalized... MORE
play_circle_filled Upsetting Child Holiday Pranks
Upsetting Child Holiday Pranks
Olivia Gissing Unveils the Results of Terrible Christmas Gifts
Jimmy Kimmel, late night talk show host, encouraged his viewers to record their children’s reactions after giving them terrible Christmas gifts. The gifts, which included fresh broccoli, a large... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebrity Marionette Storefronts
Celebrity Marionette Storefronts
Ariel Weber Unveils Holiday Window Displays with a Parisian Twist
The Printemps Haussmann holiday window displays were designed by Karl Lagerfeld to bring about the Christmas spirit for shoppers walking about Chanel’s main store in Paris. Aside from marionette... MORE