Courtney Scharf Reveals Her Favorite Holiday-Hating Greeting Card

 - Jan 15, 2013
For the fools in love, there are loving Valentine’s Day Cards, but for the bitter singles, anti-Valentine’s Day cards provide much-welcomed relief from this romanticized holiday. During this season of love, public displays of affection and overly sentimental gestures can be sickening to some individuals who just can’t stand the overwhelming waves of mushiness.

That’s why these anti-Valentine’s Day cards are right on cue. They rain upon the lavish and loud parades of love-struck songbirds publicly proclaiming their love for one another. For those who reject this overly commercialized holiday, they can pick up a greeting card that reads "I want to grow old and disgusting with you." How romantic!

Courtney Scharf is the Web Marketing Coordinator at She is not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day and thinks Cupid is overrated. Check out her top five picks for anti-Valentine’s Day cards.