The Toronto Festival of Beer Featured Delicacies from All Over the City

 - Aug 9, 2013
References: youtube
This summer, Trend Hunter got to experience one of the best beer festivals the world has to offer: The Toronto Festival of Beer. Spanning three days, this quintessential Toronto festival showcased the best the city has to offer, including bands, food stalls, and of course, beer.

Our CEO Jeremy Gutsche, (who is well-versed in the beer festival experience), gave the Trend Hunter TV team a thorough tour of the festival, stopping along the way at all of his favorite places.

Jeremy's favorite grilled cheese restaurant MELT Grilled Cheese made an appearance at this year's festival. As one of the tastiest and economically feasible grilled cheese restaurants in the city, MELT Grilled Cheese is definitely a must-try. He also pointed out his absolute favorite beer, Delirium Tremens. A German concoction, this beer is meant for connoisseurs who have foregone the fraternity-esque chugging of ale in favor of a long-lasting, richly flavored lager.

Every Trend Hunter had an amazing time at the Toronto Festival of Beer, gorging themselves on delicious foods and dark beers; we're already counting down the days until next year's festival!