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Discover why 1,167 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
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Trend Hunters Trends

Taking a closer look at all the wonderful writers and contributers at Trend Hunter, this category deep dives into not only what each individual hunter loves to write about, but also some of the hottest trends on the web.
play_circle_filled Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
MerinoTech+ Offers Versatile and Travel-Friendly Apparel
These multi-tasking shirts by MerinoTech+ are ideal for busy travelers. The garments ensure that wearers don’t need to change clothes when transitioning from a plane to a business meeting,... MORE
play_circle_filled Catchy Airplane Safety Musicals
Catchy Airplane Safety Musicals
The Virgin America New Safety Video Will Get You Dancing
Trend Hunter’s Vasiliki Marapas talked about the Virgin America safety video, which made memorizing the safety tips a breeze. The infectious song-and-dance routine clearly explains the pre-flight... MORE
play_circle_filled Miniature Elevator-Located Museums
Miniature Elevator-Located Museums
This Small New York Museum Features Quirky Items
Trend Hunter’s Alyson Wyers talks about her highlights from interning at Trend Hunter and expresses her enjoyment of a Small Museum featuring quirky, unconventional items. The trend is about a... MORE
play_circle_filled Outspoken Addiction Photography
Outspoken Addiction Photography
‘Faces of Addiction’ Takes a Deeper Look at the People
Trend Hunter’s Sarah St. Jules sheds light on an artist named Chris Arnade, who befriended addicts to understand their often-ignored humanity in his series, ‘Faces of Addiction.’ The... MORE
play_circle_filled Jen Chae, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Jen Chae, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Chae Discusses James Bond Gadgets and How to Fulfill Dreams
Jen Chae is known for being obsessed with modernized James Bond gadgets created to make smartphone usage a whole lot easier. Her favorite gadget is a pocket tripod that begins as a flat, business... MORE
play_circle_filled Ian Panganiban, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Ian Panganiban, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Panganiban Discovers a Beer-Dispensing Video Game
Ian Panganiban hit the jackpot the moment he discovered the existence of a beer-dispensing video game. A huge gamer himself, Panganiban is as familiar around a punching bag as he is a video game... MORE
play_circle_filled Brandon Bastaldo, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Brandon Bastaldo, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Bastaldo Admires Transit as a Digital Subway Library
Brandon Bastaldo passes time on public transit by seeing them as digital subway libraries. When he’s not reading on trains, the graduate of film from the University of Toronto is all about... MORE
play_circle_filled Kyle Towers, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Kyle Towers, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Towers Explores Just How Much Americans Love Bacon
Kyle Towers, an editorial intern at Trend Hunter, can definitely understand why so many people love bacon. Towers spends his time outside of the Trend Hunter offices by learning comedy writing from... MORE
Hydraulic Brake
Micromobility manufacturers are using hydraulic brake systems to enhance safety
Trend - Brands in the micro-mobility space have begun using hydraulic braking mechanisms in e-bikes and e-scooters. These brakes are more expensive than standard mechanical brakes but are safer and more reliable when braking at high speeds, which are more often achieved by e-bikes and e-scooters.
Workshop Question - How could your brand enhance its consumers' safety with premium alternatives to products?
Jessica Marren, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Jessica Marren, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Marren Looks at Personification of Animals in Advertising
Jessica Marren is all about the personification of animals via Internet memes starring moon-walking ponies. When she’s not watching horses channel Michael Jackson, Marren can be found... MORE
play_circle_filled Simal Yilmaz, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Simal Yilmaz, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Yilmaz Takes a Look at Masculine Mustache Madness
Simal Yilmaz is all about masculine mustache madness trends. When she’s not admiring upper lip facial hair, the honors graduate from the University of Waterloo in psychology and speech... MORE
play_circle_filled Wes Walcott, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Wes Walcott, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Walcott Uncovers Star-Gazing Amateur Astronomy Apps
Editorial Intern Wes Walcott is extremely fascinated with scientific discovery, which is why he chose to discuss amateur astronomy apps in his latest interview. My Sky is an app which allows novice... MORE
play_circle_filled Telekinetic Movie Promo Pranks
Telekinetic Movie Promo Pranks
This Woman Used Her ‘Telekinetic Powers’ in a Coffee Sh
Trend Hunter’s Anne Booth talked about a woman in New York City who used her ‘telekinetic powers’ to throw books, tables, chairs and even a person around a little coffee shop. The dramatic... MORE
Andrew Chow, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Andrew Chow, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Chow Takes a Peek at Some Impressive LEGO Stop Motion Videos
Andrew Chow, a video production intern at Trend Hunter, really enjoys a good LEGO stop motion video. Chow is one of the major reasons for the amazing video content that has appeared recently on the... MORE
play_circle_filled Geeky Real-Life Gamer Screenshots
Geeky Real-Life Gamer Screenshots
Sarah Dos Santos Talks About a Unique Video Game Cosplay Craze
Trend Hunter’s Sarah Dos Santos talks about a more intense video game cosplay craze where cosplayers create and dress in their character outfits while posing in a setting similar to a screenshot... MORE
play_circle_filled Bewildering Pixel Paintings
Bewildering Pixel Paintings
Paul Maccarone Discusses the Work of the Pixel Painter
Trend Hunter’s Paul Maccarone talks about an artist nicknamed the Pixel Painter who has an inspiring story behind his Antiquated Pixelated Paintings.  It’s a story about a 97-year-old... MORE
play_circle_filled Rick Ponte, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Rick Ponte, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Video Editor Ponte Discusses Stop Motion Animated Shorts
With Video Editor Rick Ponte’s life-long obsession with film-making, it’s no wonder he was drawn towards stop motion animated shorts, especially Stoopid Buddy Stoodio’s ‘... MORE
play_circle_filled Lacey Walsh, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Lacey Walsh, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Walsh Discusses Hilarious Beer Commercials and Ninja Turtles
Lacey Walsh has a penchant for hilarious beer commercials, especially the Carlsberg Friendship Test. This interactive publicity stunt allowed best friends to prank each other. One friend would call... MORE
play_circle_filled Alex Lam, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Alex Lam, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Lam Looks at the Convenience and Ease of Retail iPhone Apps
Trend Hunter Alex Lam is all about convenient retail iPhone apps that make buying and selling products both easy and painless. He’s particularly excited about the ‘Sold’ app, an... MORE
play_circle_filled Ryan Fowler, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Ryan Fowler, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Fowler Sets His Gaze on a Wall-Sized Multi-User Touchscreen
Ryan Fowler wishes he had a wall-sized 40-foot multi-user touchscreen in his living room like the one at the Museum of Art in Cleveland. Fowler can be found pursuing his passions in music,... MORE
play_circle_filled Tia Clarke, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Tia Clarke, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Clarke Gets Musical with Romantic Song Creators
Tia Clarke, an Editorial Intern at Trend Hunter, uses her smartphone regularly for apps that turn users into song creators. Clarke, a native of Dundalk in Southern Ireland, brings a wonderful Irish... MORE
play_circle_filled Vittoria Natarelli, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Vittoria Natarelli, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Natarelli Looks at Overly Attached Girlfriend Videos
Vittoria Natarelli, a former Editorial Intern at Trend Hunter, got completely swept up in the overly attached girlfriend viral video sensation. Natarelli is currently attending York University for... MORE
play_circle_filled Tana Makmanee, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Tana Makmanee, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Makmanee Takes a Look at Viral Internet Products
Tana Makmanee is a sweet-hearted trend writing machine that has a strong affinity for viral Internet products. The graduate of the University of Toronto is also a social media guru whose building... MORE
play_circle_filled Andrew Sztein, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Andrew Sztein, Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)
Sztein Looks at Waterloo Labs as They Recreate Mario Kart
Andrew Sztein, an editorial intern at Trend Hunter, is such a huge gamer that he squealed like a little girl when he witnessed Waterloo Labs recreate Mario Kart in real life. Sztein’s gaming... MORE
Stop Motion Dance Videos
Stop Motion Dance Videos
Andrew Chow Examines the Annette Jung Michael Jackson Stop Motion Video
Annette Jung’s LEGO Michael Jackson stop motion video is a great example of a flashy, short homemade flick that has taken the Internet by storm. Although Jung’s video is only about 30 seconds... MORE