Fowler Sets His Gaze on a Wall-Sized Multi-User Touchscreen

 - Apr 14, 2013
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Ryan Fowler wishes he had a wall-sized 40-foot multi-user touchscreen in his living room like the one at the Museum of Art in Cleveland. Fowler can be found pursuing his passions in music, advertising, social media and ice hockey during his downtime. There's little he loves more than a bright sunny day at the beach.

What's your favorite trend and why?

My favorite trend is the 40-foot touchscreen at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I really enjoy this because they created a multi-user touchscreen platform where people can go in and experience various types of history and art on a giant screen. It's a unique way to explore art that hasn't really been done before in a museum.

How do you define cool?

The way that I would define cool is pretty simple. Cool is anything that you love that makes you happy and you appreciate.

What's your secret to uncovering the best trends?

My secret for uncovering trends is just being yourself, thinking outside the box and being passionate about what you're trending and finding.

What's your favorite thing about working at Trend Hunter?

I would say my favorite thing about working at Trend Hunter is the people and the positive atmosphere coupled with the unique educational experience. Really, there's nothing else quite like it. The educational experience is quite limitless here.

In what ways do you see the business world changing moving forward?

The most remarkable way I see business changing in the future is already happening right now. The entire world of business everywhere is going digital. That's my prediction. Everything is going to keep progressing digitally.

What is your favorite accomplishment?

My favorite accomplishment is actually working up the nerve to leave my last career and go back to school for advertising. It took an awful lot for me to do that. I don't regret it for a minute. I'm happy here at Trend Hunter and I am starting out on my new career!

What's your awesome prediction for the future?

My prediction would be an enhanced global collective consciousness.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

My name is Ryan Fowler: check out my portfolio for all of my interesting articles and tidbits on the future!