‘Faces of Addiction’ Takes a Deeper Look at the People

 - Oct 23, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter’s Sarah St. Jules sheds light on an artist named Chris Arnade, who befriended addicts to understand their often-ignored humanity in his series, ‘Faces of Addiction.’ The photography series takes a deeper look at the people behind the tragic story of addiction and share them with the world. People with addictions often lose their identity in society because their problems overshadow them. Arnade wanted to show the people behind the problem and encourage society to take a second glance.

The photographs are so clear. The intensity behind the eyes of each character is piercing as they stare directly through the camera into our own eyes. As we look back into their gaze a connection is made. This connection is what helps us sympathize with others and show compassion to strangers. ‘Faces of Addiction’ is the kind of art that moves and changes the world a little at a time. Projects like these require more than good camera skills; they also require a refreshing perspective and a compassionate pair of eyes.