Towers Explores Just How Much Americans Love Bacon

 - Apr 12, 2013
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Kyle Towers, an editorial intern at Trend Hunter, can definitely understand why so many people love bacon. Towers spends his time outside of the Trend Hunter offices by learning comedy writing from the experts at Second City. He also has a passion for cartoons with two names in the title, particularly Ren and Stimpy and Calvin and Hobbes. He proudly proclaims that he has a deft drawing hand, completing his impressive menagerie of creative talents.

How do you define cool?

(Awkwardly puts on a pair of goofy sunglasses over his existing pair of glasses) I define cool by doing your own thing and not caring what the critics say.

What's your favorite trend and why?

I'm just fascinated by how much America has come to love bacon, especially combining it with outlandish products. The specific trend is 'Death-Inducing Cheeseburgers,' which is a very appropriate name. It's by Epic Meal Time. It involves grown men adding superfluous amounts of bacon to a massive cheeseburger.

What's your secret to uncover the best trends?

My secret to uncovering the best trends is to learn about the people and what they like. Ultimately, the people are going to decide what's cool and what's not.

What's your favorite accomplishment?

My favorite accomplishment is definitely when my team was part of the 2006 Dodgeball Championships at Sheridan College. I have a t-shirt to prove it.

What's your awesome prediction for the future?

In the next 20 years I think we'll see more cyborgs. I think cyborgs will be more prevalent, the combination of robots and humans. It'll make everyday life that much easier.

How do you see the business world changing?

I think more and more businesses are going to start adapting similar environments that Trend Hunter has. Just a welcoming environment, and people will produce better results because of it.

Is there anything you'd like to add about Trend Hunter?

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