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Editor Picks

Offering their point of view on the latest trends, videos and topics emerging on the site, Trend Hunter’s Editors Picks helps bring online trends to life and showcases all the latest topics, patterns and viral content.
play_circle_filled Metropolitan Fitness
Metropolitan Fitness
Misel Saban Counts Down Four Unique Places to Find Fitness in the City
As the rise of fitness culture seeps into urban environments, more people are looking for places where they can partake in fitness in the city. However, busy urbanites who spend so much of their... MORE
play_circle_filled Ethical Promotion
Ethical Promotion
Laura McQuarrie Highlights Four Winning Ethical Marketing Campaigns
With many health-conscious consumers treating food as a means to prevent illness and promote wellness, brands and organizations are making use of ethical marketing to communicate a strong stance on... MORE
play_circle_filled Digital Disconnect
Digital Disconnect
Jaime Neely Discusses Interesting Ways People are Unplugging From Technology
Even though modern tech offers us many opportunities in the digital age, many are finding their addiction to devices like smartphones are preventing them from socializing and enjoying life, which is... MORE
play_circle_filled Iced Tea Cocktails
Iced Tea Cocktails
Alyson Wyers Counts Down Her Top Tea-Based Alcoholic Drinks for Summer
One of the best ways to cool down and stay refreshed during warm weather is with a nice iced tea or a cocktail on the rocks, which is where these alcoholic drinks for summer come in. Trend Hunter... MORE
play_circle_filled Dad-Approved Barbecues
Dad-Approved Barbecues
Alyson Wyers Counts Down Her Top Picks for Father's Day BBQ Presents
If your dad requested a fairly significant appliance this year, this Father’s Day BBQ selection gives you lots of options. Trend Hunter Research Writer Alyson Wyers discusses her favorite... MORE
play_circle_filled Smart Hydration Products
Smart Hydration Products
Jana Pijak Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Hi-Tech Water Bottles
With the summer season comes warmer temperatures, making it even more important to drink enough water and possibly turn to hydration help with products like hi-tech water bottles. Trend Hunter... MORE
play_circle_filled Dadvertising Campaigns
Dadvertising Campaigns
Laura McQuarrie Discusses All of Her Favorite Dad Ad Picks for Father's Day
With Father’s Day right around the corner, it makes sense that many brands are looking to capitalize on the fatherhood-celebrating holiday with a slew of dad ad content. Trend Hunter Research... MORE
play_circle_filled Emoji Branding
Emoji Branding
Laura McQuarrie Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Emoticon Ad Campaigns
Prevalent use of emojis is changing the way people communicate with each other, which is why businesses are using them in their emoticon ad campaigns. Trend Hunter Research Writer Laura McQuarrie... MORE
Wall-Mounted Appliance
Brands are prioritizing compactness in products with wall-mounted designs
Trend - Companies and designers are launching various appliances that combine aesthetics and functionality with compactness. These products are intended to be efficient and convenient solutions for consumers who live in small spaces.
Workshop Question - How can your brand contribute to the comfort of consumers in urban spaces?
play_circle_filled Genderless Fashion
Genderless Fashion
Jana Pijak Highlights Innovations in Unisex Fashion
Androgyny in fashion has always been intriguing, but as societal boundaries change, the lines that separate menswear from womenswear are becoming blurred even more with unisex fashion. Trend Hunter... MORE
play_circle_filled Mobile Pop-Up Shops
Mobile Pop-Up Shops
Jana Pijak Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Mobile Retail Innovation
When it comes to pop-up shops, some brands are taking their mobile retail strategy to the next level. Trend Hunter Senior Research Writer Jana Pijak shares her top picks for mobile pop-up, from... MORE
play_circle_filled Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
MerinoTech+ Offers Versatile and Travel-Friendly Apparel
These multi-tasking shirts by MerinoTech+ are ideal for busy travelers. The garments ensure that wearers don’t need to change clothes when transitioning from a plane to a business meeting,... MORE
play_circle_filled Floral Food Finds
Floral Food Finds
Alyson Wyers Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Edible Flower Desserts
If you love flowers so much, you want to eat them, these edible flower desserts will be exactly your taste. Trend Hunter Research Writer Alyson Wyers discusses her top picks for floral food finds,... MORE
play_circle_filled Empowered Playtime Innovations
Empowered Playtime Innovations
Jana Pijak Shares Her Favorite Examples of Empowering Girl Toys
When it comes to girl toys, increasingly brands are looking to break outside of gender stereotypes by inspiring and educating young females. Trend Hunter Senior Research Writer Jana Pijak counts... MORE
play_circle_filled Feminizing Rugged
Feminizing Rugged
Armida Ascano Discusses Brands Empowering Girls of the Millennial Generation
Empowering girls and women, especially millennials, is about equality and the opportunity to shine. Trend Hunter VP of Research Strategy Armida Ascano shares her favorite examples of feminizing... MORE
play_circle_filled DIY Barista
DIY Barista
Jaime Neely Discusses Her Favorite Examples of Homemade Coffee Culture in Practice
Homemade coffee culture is about enabling and empowering people to make better and high end coffee in the comfort of their own home. Trend Hunter Director of Content Jaime Neely shares her top picks... MORE
play_circle_filled Vegan Treats
Vegan Treats
Alyson Wyers Counts Down Her Favorite Picks for Vegan-Friendly Summer Desserts
Despite the backlash Beyoncé is currently receiving for her recent announcement, many vegans are looking for summer desserts that adhere to their dietary restrictions. Trend Hunter Research Writer... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Milestone
Branded Milestone
Laura McQuarrie Counts Down Her Favorite Picks for Virtual Life Experiences
Technology is changing our lives more than ever before, which also includes digital-enabled virtual life experiences. Trend Hunter Research Writer Laura McQuarrie shares her top examples of branded... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Arcade
Branded Arcade
Senior Research Writer Jana Pijak Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Branded Apps
The concept of games that can be played on your phone isn’t anything new, but these savvy companies are using branded apps to reach consumers. Trend Hunter’s Jana Pijak shares her top... MORE
play_circle_filled Branded Selfies
Branded Selfies
Misel Saban Counts Down Her Favorite Campaigns Featuring the Celebrity Selfie
Given how often people in the public eye upload selfies to social media, it makes sense that brands would want to capitalize on the celebrity selfie for their campaigns. Trend Hunter Public... MORE
play_circle_filled Experiential Dining
Experiential Dining
Jana Pijak Shares Her Favorite Examples of Unforgettable Themed Restaurants
These international experiential dining concepts are all about memorable restaurants where patrons feel fully immersed in the (often unusual) theme. Trend Hunter Senior Research Writer Jana Pijak... MORE
play_circle_filled Social Good Road Trips
Social Good Road Trips
Alyson Wyers Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Tours to Give Back
Tours to give back give brands and charitable organizations the opportunity to travel across countries and continents while raising awareness and doing good. Trend Hunter Research Writer Alyson... MORE
Fandom Co-Branding
Fandom Co-Branding
Misel Saban Counts Down Her Favorite Examples of Hybrid Food Products
These summer-appropriate hybrid food products demonstrate how you can enjoy classic ice cream with a new twist. Trend Hunter Public Relations Specialist Misel Saban discusses her favorite picks for... MORE
play_circle_filled Experiential Adoption
Experiential Adoption
Laura McQuarrie Counts Down Her Top Picks for Pet Adoption Initiatives
In an effort to get more interactive with their outreach campaigns, ad agencies and shelters are engaging in more experience-based adoption initiatives. Trend Hunter Research Writer Laura McQuarrie... MORE
play_circle_filled Connected Commute
Connected Commute
Misel Saban Discusses the Role Technology in Public Places is Now Playing
Technology in public places can make daily life more convenient, especially if you are a person who relies on public transportation to get around. Trend Hunter PR Specialist Misel Saban counts down... MORE