Remote-Controlled Floor Sweeper

 - Dec 5, 2006   Updated: Apr 21 2011
References: evilmadscientist & neatorama
I just figured out how I can motivate myself to do chores. A remote controlled floor sweeper! Plus, the little mop is attached to a Lamborghini so that's pretty motivating as well.

Implications - This handy and totally awesome little gadget shares some of the features of the well known Roomba, but is way less pricey to get your hands on. With a little creativity, you too could be zipping your swiffer around your hardwood floors with ease. The remote-controlled Lamborghini comes with an electrostatic dust map attached to it to make sure no dust or dirt particles escape its grasp. You might not be able to afford a real supercar to drive in, but this may be the next best thing.