25 Ways For Roommates To Live Together Peacefully

 - Jan 13, 2009
It's never easy to share your home with a roommate, as Paula Abdul discovered when she opened her home to longtime friend and new fellow 'American Idol' judge Kara Dioguardi.

"Kara [Dioguardi] and I have a ten-year friendship," Paula Abdul told OK! Magazine. "I moved her into my home in Los Angeles. She was the best roommate I ever had." Moments later, Abdul quipped, "I'd see food ground into my white carpet."

Having a sense of humor certainly helps aid roommate relations. Our collection below highlights some funny products that will give you and your roommate a giggle, from gadgets that make cleaning fun to silly bathroom accessories. There are practical selections as well to help benefit a shared household, like germ-fighting knife blocks, silent alarm clocks and cubby-style refrigerators.