Silent Alarm Clocks Just Got More Stylish

 - Aug 18, 2008
References: gadgetsclub
Today we have another vibrating alarm clock to feature, only this one is much better looking.

Different alarm clocks come with different waking sounds but whatever the sound is, the noice gets very annoying... Especially when it wakes up the wrong person. Well, not anymore. Now, there are alarm clocks which can wake you up by their vibration.

The Silent Alarm Clock was designed by Johan Brengesjo and it does its job of waking you up by means of vibration. The silent alarm clock uses a wireless rubber ring which vibrates at the time you previously set.

It's also a great idea if you have a roommate who is fond of setting their alarm clock at a very early time... It's even better if they're someone who always hits the snooze button.

As of now, this model is just a concept, but you can check the list below for some more innovative clocks that you can buy now.