Smart Memory Foam Pillow

 - Aug 15, 2008
References: giftgadgetgateway
Had a bad night because your roommate was snoring and keeping you up most of the evening? Wearing headphones is one option, but why bother when we can now cure your roommate's snoring problem? Why not give him/her a gift to resolve your sleeping problems?

The snore-reducing memory foam pillow is now available to help cure or lessen snoring problems. It is specially designed to modify the posture and position of the sleeper's head. The design of the pillow is inclined downward or it is curved. It supports the neck and holds the chin away from the chest which allows air passages in the throat to open. With this, snoring is controlled.

The snore-reducing memory foam pillow is patterned to be aligned with the spine, even if you are sleeping sideways. The hypoallergenic pillow is made with 100% foam, and can easily compliment your sleeping habits.

Make the snore-reducing memory foam pillow a part of your sleep and you will most certainly go to dreamland without distracting your roommates, or even your partners.