Clever Labels Prevent Bathroom Mix-Up

 - Nov 27, 2007
References: prankplace
You don't want to be wiping your face with the same part of the towel your wiped your butt with, now do you? Or worse yet, is that the part your roommate was drying his butt with? The solution for all your bathroom mix-up woes is the Butt-Face Towel!

"The high quality terry cloth bath towel has two distinct sides," Prank Place says. "One side is clearly marked BUTT, one side of the towel is marked FACE. Never again will you have to wonder if the part of the towel you're rubbing all over your face to dry off was just drying your cheeks!"

Better yet are their designated soaps, one soap, aptly colored brown, is for your rear, while the white bar is for your face.