From Mythical Creature Cloths to Blatant Drying Cloths

 - Jun 17, 2013
These humorous towel designs make laying in the sun more comical than ever. No matter where you spend your sunny summer days off, you can inject a little personality into the mix with these personalized and witty beach towels. Whether you sprawl by the beach, in the park, or poolside these towels will make laying out more fun.

These humorous towel designs are a silly way to bring some personality into your carefree summer lifestyle. If you plan on getting away to a cottage for the weekend, pack a few extra oversized towels to make sure you're prepared. From marvelously monetary towels or matter-of-fact body towels these large accessories are functional and funny.

Whether you like water sports or prefer to bask on land you can't go wrong with a beach towel. They also make great gifts!