- Jan 11, 2008
References: thirstywear
The drip-dry dilemma has been solved thanks to Thirstywear, a revolutionary concept, combining style and comfort.

Thirstywear is instantly recognizable for its innovative design which consists of comfy, colorful clothing made from beach towel fabric. The clothing line was originally created for water-lovers, swimmers, cottagers, wakeboarders, etc.

After its first highly successful season, Thirstywear has developed a loyal following, capturing the attention of style-conscious customers from all walks of life, ages, and fitness levels. Easy to wash and a pleasure to wear, the Thirstywear line includes hoodies, pants, skirts, hotpants, shorts, and dresses. Each piece embodies your true bohemian spirit! Choose from funky prints or solids. Vintage-inspired "hippie" style embroidery makes each piece a "must have".

Stay warm and dry, while looking cool. Thirstywear..for those who want to soak up style and make whatever they wear truly their own.