The Reserved Towel Will Keep Beach Spots Secure

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: langtoninfo & outblush
Make sure beach spots stay in your possession with the Reserved Towel by your side. This terrific towel blatantly explains—in big, black, bold letters, no less—the reality that wherever your towel has been placed is reserved for you.

With this towel in tow, individuals will never have to watch their beach spots from a distance, as they know that their blatant beachwear has their back and their spot. This towel makes it clear to vultures that its owner is the temporary owner of that particular ocean view.

With your spot boldly marked out, you’ll be able to fend off preying spot stealers and find your towel in a sea of beach bodies with ease.  Make a statement regarding the occupied status of beach spots with the Reserved Towel.

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