Say Goodbye to Gritty Grains with the Sandless Beach Mat

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: random-good-stuff & beta.hammacher
The Sandless Beach Mat is an amazing invention that is guaranteed to make your beach bathing afternoons "out-sanding."

Believe it or not, the Sandless Beach Mat is a product that was born out of military experimentation. Military forces needed a helicopter landing pad that wouldn't get clogged up with sand and dirt when the wind-blowing vehicles landed. They developed woven polyurethane, a fabric that instantly filters sand and pushes it beneath it when it gets dirty.

The Sandless Beach Mat is a smaller and comfier version of this helicopter landing pad. As soon as specks of sand land on the towel, they are engulfed by the fabric, and emitted beneath the mat.

Implications - Consumers living in urban areas live very fast-paced lifestyles and find little time for relaxation. When they do find a bit of spare time, they seek products that will maximize their comfort and relaxation.