The Photo Series Titled Handtuch by Bela Borsodi is Creatively Quirky

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: belaborsodi & itsnicethat
Handtuch by Bela Borsodi, a photographer born in Vienna, Austria, and based in New York, is a photo series that centers around towels. While that might seem like a boring concept, the images are far from that. Instead, they are downright quirky, in a creative sort of way.

Shot for Fräulein magazine, Handtuch by Bela Borsodi is comprised of colorful towels artfully arranged on real-live models. As though creating a new alien species, the towels become a part of their identity, obscuring faces and most other body parts to yield a new life form fit for the beach. The photo series shows that just about anything can be given personality and character if captured in the right way, which Borsodi is an expert at.