Lightload Compressed Beach Towel

 - Jan 31, 2008
References: ultralighttowels
Have you ever found yourself going for a drive on a sunny day when the sudden urge to hit the beach strikes you? Or you've picked up your lunch and driven to a small park and wished you had a blanket to picnic on?

Then let me introduce you to your new purse must-have, the Lightload compressed beach towel. It's essentially a towel that's been jam-packed into a tin can.

The only kicker is that once it's out, it's out forever. At $6.50 though, it's worth it for a day of fun in the sun! After all, isn't that how much you'd spend on a single mojito back home?

Low price considered, it's also great for those jetting off to sunny destinations. Rather than lugging a big towel there and back, you can just take the little tin over, and leave the unfurled towel there when you fly back. Hey, I'm not one to litter -- I wouldn't recommend leaving something behind if it weren't eco-friendly; the towels are biodegradable! Save the suitcase space for that bottle of spiced rum or those obligatory sea shell necklaces you just had to buy all your friends.