'Mugs of Authority' Protect Teachers' Voices

 - Dec 14, 2008
References: concentrate.org.uk & neatorama
I give Concentrate an A for effort for their 'Mugs of Authority' coffee cups. The phrases on these mugs were those that teachers told Concentrate they repeated the most frequently. The three mugs--"Don't Mess About," "Stop Doing That," and "Put That Down," seem like they'd be a great idea in theory.

However, not to rain on anyone's parade, but I have a feeling that if these students were the sort to listen to a teacher pointing at a mug, they wouldn't act up in the first place.

I propose they be marketed towards couples and roommates instead. Toilet seat up? Stop doing that. Heading out for a night on the town? Don't mess about. Drunk roommate stumbling in with a fugly girl in his arms? Put that down.