Lamborghini Wall Art

 - May 20, 2006
References: latimes & gushmagazine
Richard Moriarty, from Newport Beach, hung his 1974 Lamborghini to the wall of his estate. His mansion already consists of indoor rifle ranges, bowling alleys and a 28-foot-high interior waterfall. Moriarty purchased the vehicle ten years ago and was tired of getting it towed when it stalled so he decided why not hang it on his wall. So he hired a 70 tonne crane and a five man crew to lower the 1 000 pound, engine-less vehicle into his house.

The car hangs over his solid glass staircase that leads to his wine cellar by half-inch thick steel cable. The car is also plugged into the home's electrical system so the inside lights can be turned on. Moriarty feels the look is not complete and wants to add some tire marks on the wall.