From Supercar Smartphones to Luxury Supercar Cellulars

 - Apr 17, 2011
I've got a need for mobile speed that can only be satisfied by checking out all of these supercar-inspired cellphones. Car companies have always been diverse operations, designing everything from fashion to lawnmowers. It seems like automaker-branded cellphones may be next on the horizon if these examples are any indicator.

Some of these supercar-inspired cellphones are just concepts, but others are realities that are already flying off store shelves. The best part about all of these phones is that even the ones that are designs are official concepts, meaning that they were dreamed up by designers working for Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche and not just some bored designer looking to cause a stir on the Internet.

If you're a fan of cool cars and the the latest tech, you're definitely going to want to click through all of these killer supercar-inspired cellphones.