From the Palm Pre to Futuristic Concept Mobiles

 - Jan 9, 2009
Is the Palm Pre the new iPhone, or will one of the astounding other mobiles in this cluster fill that slot?

The Palm Pre had bloggers abuzz this week after its much anticipated release at CES in Vegas, but as we've seen over the last year, there isn't one phone for everyone. While some may rush to get the Palm Pre, others are still happy with their Blackberry Storm, the must-have phone at the end of 2008. Then there are others who swear by their iPhones and wouldn't consider any other brand but Apple.

The cluster below shows that as diverse as people are, so too are the phones available. From the Palm Pre for organizational freak to GPS touchscreens for adventurers, to the Prada touchscreen for the brand snobs, there's a touchscreen for everyone. No? Still nothing for you? Wait it out, at the rate we see new phones being launched, it won't be long!