- Feb 7, 2008
References: zzzphone & engadget
Have you ever wanted a custom built phone with all the fancy oooo's and ahhh's that you could choose to meet your every need? Thanks to zzzphone, this once dream is now a reality. Comparing themselves to dell, and how they revolutionized the PC industry in the 90's, zzzphone plans to revolutionize the cell phone industry in the 21st century.

Building your custom phone is very easy to do. First select your base model and color. Next choose fancy add-ons like GPS, up to 7 MP camera, processor upgrade, stereo quality speakers, up to 4 GB of memory, touch screen, even a dual camera option. They offer pretty much anything you can think of and then some. Featuring 2 SIM card slots that enable you to use two accounts from different carriers on the same phone, the phone expands your mobile options even more.

As far as quality goes zzzphones released a press release stating, “zzzPhone is an American company with a factory in China that uses the same high quality components as major brands Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and Samsung; these unlocked, tri-band cell phones deliver features that exceed those offered on the ultra-popular Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone, at less than half the price."

If what they claim is true, I am guessing big carriers will have to rethink their marketing tactics to compete.