From Lipstick Digital Cameras to the Blackberry Storm

 - Nov 15, 2008
Touch screen phones have evolved from the iPhone to the BlackBerry Storm, with a dozen so fantastic mobile innovations in between.

The iPhone was unveiled in January 2007 and a few months later was named Time magazine’s Invention of the Year. Nearly two years later, it’s becoming hard to guess what the hottest touch screen phones for 2009 might look like.

While many competitors simulated the touch screen technologies of the iPhone, RIM innovated the technologies on the BlackBerry Storm by incorporates a SurePress screen which actually indents a bit when pressed, giving it better haptic feedback than competitors.

So, below is a cluster of the best touch screen phones on the market, and in development, as well as a range of other touchscreen technologies which can give us insight into the types of future mobile features it will incorporate.