Lenovo Ideapad U8

 - Apr 2, 2008   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: engadget
Lenovo has unveiled the new gorgeous Ideapad U8 at Intel's IDF in Shanghai.

The sexy MID (Mobile Internet Device) utilizes Intel's newest Atom processor and features a 4.8-inch touchscreen display and an optical mouse for one-handed operation while surfing the web over EDGE or 3G data.

"The device also features “Live GPS,” hand writing recognition, and support for MS Office applications. We're guessing it'll also make a phone call or two with that 12-key numeric pad. And with Intel calling this a MID, don't expect to see a Microsoft OS riding that Atom, this pup's looking Linux to the bone."

Implications - Though consumers are more technologically savvy than ever, there is still room for innovation in this area.