- Jan 8, 2011   Updated: Jul 25 2011
If you want to see some truly innovative electronics, then you've got to check out these all of these kickass Lenovo creations.

Tell me, what other company makes both pocket-sized notebooks and glass cell phones? None other than Lenovo! Click through these kickass Lenovo creations today to see all of tomorrow's coolest technologies.

Implications - While companies like Apple and RIM are seemingly overtaking the technology world, many computer corporations are refusing to get left behind. Lenovo continuously releases innovative products that are cost-friendly and multi-capable. Whether it be environmentally friendly laptops or pocket-sized personal computers that are simple and easy to use, Lenovo is ahead of the game on the digital computing world, and is in it to make your digital experience, fast, simple and convenient.

From Methanol Powered Laptops to Glass Cell Phones: