MacBook Air vs. Lenovo X300

 - Feb 15, 2008
References: engadget
While I love love Apple's MacBook Air, I can't help but feel iffy about its anti-productive lack of a CD/DVD drive, an Ethernet port, and its lonely usb port. Air now has some serious competition in the form of the new Lenovo Thinkbad X300. Coming just a tad thicker (0.92 inches at its thickest compared to air's 0.76 inches) and about the same weight. Most importantly, it also can fit in a manila envelope; the new size zero test of notebooks.

The X300 delivers the full specs that users expect from any productive notebook. It features a built-in CD/DVD drive, integrated ethernet in addition to WiFi, removable battery, and three USB ports. Price wise, Air wins the competition hands down. The base price for X300 is $2,700; a cool $900 more than Air's base price.