Disney's New House of the Future

 - Feb 17, 2008
References: biz.yahoo
Millions visited Disney's "House of the Future" 50 years ago when it opened in 1957.

What they witnessed in the pod-shaped plastic dwelling were cordless phones, wall-sized TV's, electronic razors for men, plastic chairs, electronic toothbrushes and hands-free phones. The house closed a decade later.

The new 5,000 sq. foot dwelling which will open in May of this year, will feature adjustable lights and thermostat, smart closets and mirrors that pick out wardrobe for you to wear, countertops that give menu suggestions and recipes, touch screen technology built into furniture, appliances and countertops, fluid artwork that adjusts to personal preferences, futuristic cell phones, touch-pad computer screens. And the list goes on.

The new home will be made of wood and steel and finished in muted browns and beiges. Disney actors will play the fictional Elias family of four (an obvious reference to Walter Elias Disney) living a “digital lifestyle” in the 5,000-square-foot “smart house”.

The $15 million dwelling is a collaboration of The Walt Disney Co., Microsoft Corp., Hewlett-Packard Company, software maker LifeWare, and home builder Taylor Morrison. The two photos accompanying this article show the 1957 "House Of the Future".