Hydro Physio Lifeststyle

 - Dec 3, 2007
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This is one innovative all-in-one exercise machine! The water-resistant Hydro Physio Lifeststyle treadmill lets you get your jogging done while simultaneously soaking in a hot tub.

The English invention consists of a clear, glass, light-up chamber which allows personal trainers to keep a watchful eye on their clients as they perform their designated exercises. The water level can be adjusted for different exercises to address different muscle groups.

"Hydro Physio is excellent for building general fitness. However it can also offer rehabilitation exercise, with easy entry to the equipment, unlike having to climb or be lowered into a pool," the company explained. "By specifying the Lifestyle Rehab model, wheelchair access is provided via the decking ramp.

"Adjustability of water depth, treadmill speed and resistance are fully programmable through the products intuitive touch screen. An optional second screen can be added for the trainer or physiotherapists use. Athlete or patients workout information is downloadable at the end of each program enabling measurability of improvement."

Working out in this fitness cubicle will eliminate the need for warm ups, stretching and the post-gym steam or sauna.

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