The Swype Traces Your Words

 - Sep 12, 2008
References: swypeinc & blog.seattlepi.nwsource
It is not that often that there are radical advances in interface technologies--devices like the mouse and keyboard have remained largely unchanged for years--so the technology industry is buzzing like crazy today about an amazing new keyboard input designed for touch screen devices.

The new keyboard merely demands that you swipe your finger over the keyboard, passing through the letters of the word you want to spell. You do not even need to be that accurate, as its highly sophisticated predictive software can guess the word you are ‘swiping.’ This new method of typing in text is up to three times faster than writing with typical phone keyboards. With the proliferation of touch screen mobiles that the new Swype software will likely have massive success.

Invented by Cliff Kushler, the same person that invented the predictive T9 text input that is now found on several billion mobile phones worldwide, they just may have us Swyping and not typing in the future.