Cool Protective Gear for the New Macbook Pro 2011

 - Feb 23, 2011   Updated: May 5 2011
Rumors are flying around about the release of the new MacBook Pro 2011 this week, just in time for Steve Jobs' 54th birthday. As a proud Apple user (and lover), I was quick to purchase all the necessary protective gear to keep my beloved technologies well-kept.

This collection of amazing Apple laptop cases will ensure your new MacBook Pro 2011 looks safe and stylish everywhere you trek it to.

Implications - Steve Jobs has become dominant in the tech industry with several businesses cashing in on his success. The popularity of MacBooks, iPods and smartphones has inspired various artists and designers to come up with accessories that go well with Apple products. The continuing dominance of the company continues to set the standards for portable tech products which means consumers will see more accessories that cater to their purchases.