B. Mix Metallic Cork Bag

 - Jan 2, 2008
References: eluxury
Have you seen a more beautiful bag? The B. Mix Metallic Cork Bag from Fendi is sublimely stunning, and with its $1,450 price tag, it's even enough to take any man's breath away when he sees the credit card statement.

Its made of a bright turquoise fabric with cork-coated leather, embellished with the metallic double-F print Fendi is known for. It zips up so your things stay safely tucked inside the bright yellow canvas interior walls and out of sight from nosey, jealous onlookers.

Wouldn't this make a smashing laptop bag? Can't you picture it? The sophisticated lady of luxury would tote a bag like this, the rolled coated handles with Fendi-engraved link attachments dangling from her manicured fingers.

If beauty alone didn't have you swayed, maybe the bag's eco-Fendi qualities will. Its cork quotient could make it more ethical.

"The cork industry is generally regarded as environmentally friendly. The sustainability of production and the easy recycling of cork products and by-products are two of its most distinctive aspects," Wikipedia wrote.