- Jun 7, 2010   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Check out these fashionable metallics for ideas to glam up a plain outfit. Girls definitely know their attraction (and sometimes addiction) to anything shiny, making these metallic heels and shimmery dresses a major hit.

Whether it be a futuristic metal-inspired top or even metallic gold makeup, this shiny aspect to fashion will catch anyone’s eye.

Implications - Metallic hues lend an air of opulence and luxury to whatever product they adorn, and designers in every industry are including precious metals and metallic shades to appeal to discerning consumers. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity by infusing shiny, burnished materials like gold, silver, aluminum and copper into their products, and using these hues in ad campaigns and marketing material.

From Moonwalking Kicks to Rustic Chunky Accessories: