Palm Treo Pro Sneak Preview

 - Aug 22, 2008
References: slashgear
Palm has released teaser images and information on the new Palm Treo Pro Smartphone.

According to Crave a few images and presentation videos were posted on the Palm Website earlier this week, then quickly removed... but not before the details were found by key blogs. The blogs have already spread the news all over the internet.

The cynical among us would say that this is no mistake, but rather a way to create a buzz about the Treo Pro before the official release.

Details of the specifications are very slim but the phone will apparently have:
- One-touch Wi-Fi button
- Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
- High-res touchscreen
- MicroUSB connector
- 400MHz processor

These specifications have yet to be confirmed but in any case, Palm is certainly making its smart phones look a lot sleeker than before.

Die-hard Palm fans will be drooling over the latest offering - just as the "accidental" sneak preview intended.