The MechaDroid Type C3

Japan-based robotics company Business Design recently launched their iteration of a robot receptionist called MechaDroid Type C3 at Tokyo's CEATEC conference.

The robot does the job of being in the front desk with the use of face recognition technology that helps it interpret the facial expression of different visitors. It is able to assist visitors by giving them information and directions that are displayed on a touch screen panel that is embedded on the robot's hands. To complete the image of a friendly robot receptionist, MechaDroid Type C3 shows emotive feedback on its faceplate in the form of digital expressions according to its audio responses.

No specific price was announced during the launce of the robot receptionist MechaDroid Type C3, but the company expects the robot to be sold for around 3,000,000 yen--equivalent to $28,000--when it gets released in the market.