Perceptive Pixel

 - Aug 18, 2007   Updated: Mar 25 2011
References: perceptivepixel & trendhunter
Reminiscent of scenes from the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, Perceptive Pixel shows the very real future of machine interaction. Founded by Jeff Han, Perceptive Pixel has created an amazing touch screen application. Although Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Surface use similar technology, the video below shows the best of the bunch.

Implications - Touchscreen technology gives users a tactile way to manipulate data and online information. This interactivity has a myriad of potential applications in the health care, consumer gadget and education sectors due to its ease of use. Touchscreen walls, tables and handheld devices are some of the recent manifestations of tactile electronics, spearheaded by companies such as Apple and Microsoft.