The MEDIVista Medical Equipment

 - Feb 22, 2008
References: ohgizmo
In Dublin, Ireland a company named Lincor Solutions has created a new machine that takes the interaction between hospital patients and their caretakers to new digitalized levels. This concept is named the MEDIVista and it consists of a touchscreen LCD machine that displays medical information for doctors and nurses and other caretakers such as such as x-rays and a patient's medication history. The patient, in the meantime, can while away the hospital stay by watching television, or listening to the radio or by making phone calls over IP, surfing the web, playing games, reading audio books or informing themselves on their condition.

The MEDIVista may come to the USA soon as Lincor Solutions has recently signed an agreement with a hospital in New Jersey to install the interactive displays in its hospital beds in its medical facilities.