- Aug 24, 2011
We've all got to get our fix somehow -- even the organic junkies and socially responsible spearheads of the bunch -- and this top list of socially responsible alcohol innovations will have you licking your lips right down to the last sip.

From charitable watering holes to eco craft beer, the green machine and the fair trade industry alike will no doubt profit further from the current shift in consumer mindset. Are you a vino? Or more of a beer buff? Either way, as everything ethical, eco, organic, fair trade, local and sustainable -- and there will be more of these "movements" in the future to be sure -- becomes less and less a grassroots initiative and more and more cemented into the mainstream corporate mindset, there's no ending to the abundance of products and socially responsible alcohol innovations to come.

From Tetra-Packaged Wines to Charitable Watering Holes: